Available courses

Publishing Your Work

Everything around publishing and connections with publishers.

How to write Scientific Papers?

How to write a thesis? What to include into the introduction, what into the main body? A general overview on a good scientific paper.

Citation & Referencing skills

In this section we will teach you how to avoid plagiarism using different skills like paraphrasing, summarising, synthesising and quoting, as well as specific referencing styles.

Effective Research Management

In this section, we will teach you how to structure your research effectively in terms of managing the beginning, the optimal research scope and source quality.

Academic Resource Discovery

Here, we present you your research sources including international online databases, journals and, of course, the classic library books.

Turnitin and other tools for anti-plagiarism

Here, we give introductions on how to use tools such as Google Classroom, Turnitin, Microsoft Editor, and others.

Tech apps for effective study and research management

Here we introduce you to following apps that ease up your workflow and enable collaboration online: Drive, Click Up, Trello, Excel.

Managing References tools

Learn how to add, manage, organize your references and cite them in MS Word and create a bibliography. Introduction to Zotero, Mendeley and Note X9.